The answer to 'what should we do today?'

Posted by The Rand Adventure on August 24, 2018

I have no idea...

On any given weekend my wife and I find ourselves up to some sort of adventure. Normally we find ourselves in the mountains walking around until we're back at the car. Or we find ourselves strapped to boards sliding down a hill... until we get tired... and we're back at the car. Occasionally however, the general consensus is to do nothing.

Sometimes these "do nothing" days result in nothing too exciting. Sometimes they turn into cabin fever and result in an unplanned adventure. I believe on one of these restless days I posed the question, "What should we do today?" To which my wife replied, "I have no idea... Someone should make an app for that."

Now, everyone has an idea for an app, a project, a product or something... horrible. Being an engineer I'm told myriad ideas and propositioned to work on all of them. There have been to this day, two that sound awesome. 1. A wine game. 2. This one.

So credit where credit is due. An app that points you down the road to an awesome adventure is a great idea! Since then the idea has rolled around in my head constantly. Eventually the skeletons got dizzy, finally started to sit still and got fleshed out. So here we go!

Actually - I have far too many ideas.

When it comes to amazing feature possibilities, here, the sky is the limit. But, being a realist, I had to boil everything down to a minimum viable product. (Sorry for the jargon - I hate jargon - but that is an amazing book.) Within this app, at its most basic, you can put in your location, a distance you're willing to travel and get back something awesome and fun to go do!

In the beginning I'm going to try to keep everything as free as possible! Which means quite a bit of hiking. But eventually I'd like inputs for the number of people you're adventuring with, and a cost per person you're willing to spend to get to the not-free-but-possibly-much-more-awesome adventures. Additionally if users put in the gear they own, send them on adventures that utilize what they've already got. Or input things they'd like to learn to do and point them in the right direction for learning and instruction. And if at all possible doll out achievements for essentially going out and having random fun.

Alas, here we are. With almost nothing to show currently except some passing model tests - which mean nothing to anyone, and a landing page. I hope to get this beta on the road and into your hands as soon as possible. If you're interested in a beta invite before The Rand Adventure opens up to everyone, please feel free to fill out our invite request google form and I'll get you an invite when the time is right!